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One of the thinnest and most vulnerable areas in the skull is the eye socket. The bones that surround the eyes are thin in places and can be fractured from a direct blow to the eye or head. Violent interactions, vehicle accidents and sports injuries are common causes of orbital fractures that can endanger the eyes and impact the facial appearance. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, our board certified plastic surgeon can perform orbital fracture repair surgery at our clinic in Miami.

There are several skull bones that create the eye socket and protect the eye from damage. Any of these bones can be fractured, but the most common orbital fractures occur in the floor or medial (inside of eye) areas of the socket. Not all orbital fractures require repair or surgery; many are hairline fractures that will heal on their own and do not cause vision or aesthetic problems. However, if the fracture is severe or involves multiple bones in the eye socket, surgery may be required.

Eye Socket Fracture Surgery

Orbital fractures may need repair if they affect vision or cause shifting in the facial tissues. Some eye socket fractures can result in the eyes shifting or sinking, or the victim may experience double vision or other symptoms. In most cases, eye socket repair surgery can be performed through tiny incisions made at the outer corner of the eye or inside the eyelid, minimizing scarring. The repair may involve hardware to secure the broken bones, as well as surgical repairs to damaged tissues around the eyes.

If you have an eye socket fracture that is impacting your appearance or vision, surgery may be needed. Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can repair the fractured bone and ensure your eyes and face are reshaped to address aesthetic concerns. Contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule an orbital fracture repair consultation at our clinic in Miami.