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The lips outline your smile and perfect your pout. The right volume and shape can make lips one of your most alluring features, but not everyone is happy with the appearance of their lips. Genetics, aging and injury can all impact the appearance of your lips. If you want to reshape, plump or repair your lips, Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami is your source for exceptional cosmetic lip procedures.

The lips are comprised of thin, delicate pigmented skin with fatty tissue underneath. The shape and size are determined by genetics, but these elements can be altered by aging, disease or injury. Many people are born with thin or plump lips that are too small or too large for their preference. Others lose volume in their lips with age and wish to restore fuller, plumper lips. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your lip appearance, our team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute can help you achieve the lip look you desire.

Lip Augmentation and Reduction Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is our board certified plastic surgeon who can perform beautiful lip augmentation or reduction plastic surgery at our clinic in Miami. His expertise in creating natural-looking results has helped many patients reshape their lips to look more balanced, attractive and youthful. Our cosmetic lip procedures include:

Beautiful, balanced lips are a valuable asset for an attractive smile and face. The right enhancement can improve your overall appearance and help boost your self-confidence. If you are considering reshaping your lips and want to explore the cosmetic lip procedures available, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We can schedule a lip consultation with Dr. Charafeddine at our medical center in Miami.