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The size and shape of lips are important for achieving facial balance. Lips that are too thin or plump can impact the harmony of the facial features. While many people want to increase the volume of their lip tissue, others want to decrease the plumpness of their lips. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer lip enhancements and lip reduction surgery at our clinic in Miami.

Excess lip tissue is usually due to genetics. Some people are born with larger or protruding lips that can seem oversized compared to their other facial features. Lip reduction can remove some of the fatty tissue to resize and reshape the lips, creating lips that look balanced and beautiful.

Lip Resizing and Reshaping

Larger lips can impact both appearance and function. Protruding lips can result in drooling, speech impediments and other issues, but the cosmetic issues are often the concern of patients seeking reduction surgery. In many cases, lip reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in about one hour. A small amount of lip fatty tissue and skin is removed from the upper, lower or both lips to create a balanced, functional set of lips. Other lip shaping techniques can be used to reshape the smaller lips to achieve the desired appearance.

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and expertise in achieving phenomenal aesthetic results. Dr. Charafeddine trained with top plastic surgeons in the field at The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. If you want to reshape or reduce the size of your lips, you can trust Dr. Charafeddine to create natural-appearing, gorgeous results.

If you have larger lips and want to achieve facial balance with lip reduction surgery, contact our team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami to book your appointment. We can schedule a lip surgery consultation with Dr. Charafeddine to discuss your procedure.