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Looking your best can help boost your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer advanced cosmetic and surgery procedures that can transform your body or face, creating the best version of yourself. Whether you wanted a non-invasive option to look years younger or to reshape your body, our talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Charafeddine, and the rest of our team have the right treatment at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami.

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a highly accomplished plastic surgeon who trained at the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, two of the most prestigious medical facilities in the country. He has the artistic skills combined with the medical expertise to reshape the face and body, creating natural, beautiful results. Dr. Charafeddine and our team perform cosmetic surgical treatments and plastic reconstructive surgery, as well as non-surgical procedures, all at our clinic in Miami.

Advanced Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments

Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have changed the life of many people. From children with facial deformities to women reclaiming their body after pregnancy, Dr. Charafeddine has helped his patients look and feel their best. Our clinic uses the most advanced techniques and medical technology to achieve exceptional results for our patients. Our cosmetic and surgery procedures include:

If you are considering plastic surgery to give yourself a boost of confidence, come see us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami. We offer head to toe cosmetic surgeries and treatments for all genders and ages. Contact our team to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss your desired procedure and how you can achieve your best appearance.