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It is common for brown or sun spots to appear on the skin as you get older. These are most commonly on areas exposed to the sun, like the face, neck, chest and hands. Brown spots are often caused by sun damage, making the skin look older. If you have age or brown spots, come see us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We offer effective, non-invasive treatment for sun spots at our medical facility in Miami.

UV light stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, the pigment that creates skin color. When the skin is exposed to excess UV light, melanin can clump in the skin, creating small dark spots. These are often called sun, brown, age or liver spots, and they are associated with aging, sun-damaged skin. They are usually flat, but can be slightly raised, and appear on skin that is often exposed to sunlight.

Removing Age Spots

While sun or brown spots look like freckles, they are not “cute” when they begin appearing on your face, chest, hands and arms. They can age the appearance of the skin and detract from an even tone or complexion. To remove age spots, laser or light therapy is often the best treatment, using light energy to fade away brown spots with a non-invasive procedure.

Light energy and laser treatments vary, depending on the light spectrum used. Intense-pulsed light, or IPL, is one of the common skin treatments used to remove dark spots and pigmentation problems. The light energy is only attracted to the darker, pigmented skin cells. The treatment destroys the darker cells and skin flakes away, revealing more youthful, even-toned skin.

If you have sun spots that are making your skin look older, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami to schedule your skin consultation or sun spots treatment. We offer advanced med spa treatments to improve the health and beauty of your skin, including brown or sun spots treatment.