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Port wine stain birthmarks are one of the most common birthmarks or vascular malformations. Often, these red, pink or purple birthmarks occur on the face or neck, causing a noticeable deformity. Port wine stains can impact the appearance and self-confidence of the individual, especially young children and teens. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer port wine stain removal treatments at our medical center in Miami.

Most birthmarks are benign and do not pose a health risk. However, common vascular birthmarks like port wine stains can impact your appearance and emotional health. Children with large or dark birthmarks may be victims of teasing and bullying by other children or poorly behaved adults.

These birthmarks are caused by vascular malformations under the skin – to remove the birthmark, the blood vessels that create the darker pigmentation must be removed. While there are some vascular formations that require surgical treatment, many birthmarks can be treated with non-invasive procedures like laser treatments.

Laser Skin Treatments for Birthmarks

The least invasive method for birthmark and port wine stain removal is laser skin treatments. Dr. Ali Charafeddine and our team can perform advanced laser treatments to fade away dark or large birthmarks. Laser skin treatments use light energy to destroy the small blood vessels and capillaries that create port wine stains. Dark birthmarks may require a series of laser treatments to remove the pigmentation from the skin. These treatments are non-invasive, and there is very little discomfort for the patient with no downtime or recovery needed.

If you or your child has port wine stains or vascular birthmarks you want removed, there are cosmetic treatments available. To learn more about birthmark treatment, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss port wine stain removal at our medical center in Miami.