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The cheeks and midface can be one of the first facial areas to show signs of sagging. Smile lines along the nasolabial fold and flattening of the cheeks can make the face look older. To restore a firmer cheek area with youthful contours, you need to tighten the skin and “lift” the cheeks. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami, we offer non-surgical cheek lift treatments to give your midface a more youthful appearance.

As you get older, your skin and facial tissue change. The skin contains less collagen and elastin, two elements that impact the elasticity and firmness of the skin. You may also lose fatty tissue under the skin in the cheeks, allowing the cheeks to flatten and more lines to form. To restore youthful cheeks, you need to improve the elasticity of the skin and add volume to your cheeks. Our aesthetic team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute can perform a non-surgical cheek lift to give your face a younger appearance.

Cheek Skin Tightening and Fillers

Skin tightening treatments can stimulate collagen and elastin production to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. These non-invasive treatments can be performed in about an hour with no need for recovery or downtime. Facial skin tightening treatments improve the tone of the cheeks and may be paired with other non-surgical cheek lift treatments. We offer facial filler injections to add volume to the upper cheeks or to fill in smile lines for a complete midface lift without surgery.

If you have slight sagging, lines or lost volume in your cheeks, there are surgical and non-surgical options for a cheek lift. Contact our team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami to schedule a cheek lift consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine. We offer non-invasive, non-surgical cheek lift treatment to give your midface back its youthful firmness and contours.