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At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, we are known for our innovative approach to facelift procedures. Our goal is to give our facelift patients stunning, natural results using safer, less invasive techniques. Our signature EVELift® gives patients a youthful appearance with lasting results without the need for general anesthesia or long recovery times. Dr. Ali Charafeddine can perform an awake facelift under local anesthesia or with gentle IV sedation at our plastic surgery center in Miami, FL.

Most facelift procedures are aggressive and invasive, which is why they require general anesthesia, drain tubes and extensive recovery time. Dr. Ali Charafeddine has refined his facelift techniques to create the desired lifting and firming of the jowls, lower cheeks, jawline and upper neck contour without the undesirable trauma of traditional facelift surgery. Our patients can choose to have their facelift under local anesthesia, oral sedation or light IV sedation, which is a safer option. In addition, Dr. Charafeddine can perform his signature facelift procedures without the need for uncomfortable drains and less pain during recovery.

Awake Facelift Using IV Sedation

If you notice drooping and sagging skin or tissue in the lower face and upper neck, an awake facelift using gentle IV sedation, our local anesthesia cocktail and oral medication may be the best option. Our EVELift® at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute can tighten and transform your face to achieve a natural, youthful appearance. Every procedure is tailored to the patient with less trauma to the tissues. Some of the benefits of our minimally invasive facelift include:

  • Less bruising
  • No drains
  • Minimal pain medication
  • Quicker recovery – many patients return to work within a week
  • Lasting, beautiful results
  • No general anesthesia
  • No breathing tubes down your throat

Safety and patient comfort are essential to us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We strive to give you the stunning facelift results you want with fewer risks and a fast recovery. If you want to learn more about awake facelift surgery under local anesthesia and light sedation, contact our office in Miami, FL. We can schedule an EVELift® consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine.