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The lips are very vulnerable to damage, comprised of delicate skin and fatty tissue. Trauma, skin cancer and other diseases can damage the lips, resulting in a deformity that impacts the mouth function and appearance. Deformed lips from trauma or disease can affect a person’s speech and self-confidence in their appearance. Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Charafeddine, at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute can perform lip reconstruction surgery to restore beautiful, functional lips at our clinic in Miami.

Lip trauma can happen from many types of accidents or medical conditions. When lip tissue is torn, burned or removed, the scar tissue left behind can deform the mouth and lips. Lip skin and tissue are soft and flexible to allow for the extensive movement needed for speech and expressions. Lip trauma can greatly impact the function and movement of the lips, as well as the shape. Lip reconstruction surgery can be used to reform the lips to allow for natural movement and improve the aesthetics of the mouth.

Lip Trauma Repair

Repairing damaged lip tissue requires surgical expertise and artistry. Dr. Ali Charafeddine trained at two of the top medical and plastic surgery clinics in the country at The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, learning the most advanced plastic and reconstructive techniques. Through skin, fat and tissue grafting and reshaping, Dr. Charafeddine can reconstruct and repair damaged lips to restore function and aesthetics. This can improve the overall mouth and facial appearance to help increase self-confidence for the patient.

If you have suffered lip trauma from an accident, injury or disease, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute to discuss lip reconstruction surgery. Our team can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine at our clinic in Miami. Call today or contact us online to book your appointment.