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Collagen is one of the key factors in firm, youthful skin. As you get older, collagen levels dissipate in the skin, resulting in less volume and elasticity. Wrinkles and lines form, and the face can appear sunken and tired. Increasing collagen can boost elasticity, and volume in aging skin for a more youthful appearance. Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers Sculptra® injections to increase collagen at our medical facility in Miami.


There are many dermal filler injections that can add volume to the skin. Most use hyaluronic acid, a natural and effective filler that can achieve instant results for plumping lips and filling lines in the skin. However, these fillers do not stimulate collagen production for lasting improvement to the skin’s appearance. Sculptra is one of the few cosmetic injections that can induce collagen production to restore natural elasticity and volume to the skin.

Sculptra Collagen Treatment

Sculptra injections contain poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, a synthetic form of a chemical produced by the body to help in tissue repair. Sculptra works to stimulate collagen production in the skin, rejuvenating the appearance of the entire treatment area. PLLA acts like scaffolding in the skin, allowing a platform to create new collagen to firm and tighten the skin. While there is a slight improvement in the skin immediately after treatment, the benefits of Sculptra are over time as the collagen adds volume and firmness to the skin.

Sculptra injections can reverse aging in the skin, diminishing lines and wrinkles while adding volume for a more youthful face. The results can last two or more years before another treatment is needed. To learn more about Sculptra injections and our other anti-aging treatments at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, contact our office in Miami. Our staff can schedule a personalized consultation to discuss the right cosmetic treatment to help you achieve more youthful skin.