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You cannot choose where your body stores fat, but you can choose to have it removed. When you have excess fat in a targeted area that is resistant to diet and exercise, liposuction surgery could be the solution. Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon who offers cosmetic liposuction surgery at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami.

Genetics, hormones and other factors impact your metabolism and fat storage. You may have thin legs, thin arms and be height-weight proportionate and still have a muffin top or love handles. Some people have excess fat under their chin, but the rest of their body is slim. Liposuction surgery is a body contouring procedure that is designed to permanently remove fat cells from a specific area to reshape the body or face. It is often used with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck, butt lift, thigh lift or neck lift.

Types of Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction surgery has been used for decades, but it has evolved over the years. There are various techniques and methods that can be used to obtain the best results. Each liposuction patient may have unique concerns and be a better candidate for one type of liposuction over another. Our liposuction surgery options at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute include:

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a liposuction specialist who can determine the best technique or method to create the desired effect for your face or body. Some methods require less downtime or recovery, while others are more appropriate for larger fat deposits. He will take the time to explain the pros and cons of the different methods and which he would recommend in your circumstance.

Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is a tool for reshaping the body or face, not a weight loss method. Good candidates for liposuction are near or at their goal weight but have fat accumulation in specific areas that are resistant to diet or exercise fat loss. The ideal liposuction patient is in good health and a non-smoker who wants to reshape or contour their body by removing targeted areas of fat. Common areas that can be sculpted with liposuction include:

  • Abdomen or trunk
  • Hips or flanks
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Upper arms
  • Knees

Patients with a small roll around their middle or the family double-chin are usually good candidates for liposuction. In many cases, patients take this opportunity to improve other areas or issues at the same time. A Brazilian butt lift can be performed with liposuction, as well as many lifting or tightening procedures.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is different than losing fat from diet or exercise and can have benefits over trying to lose targeted fat through diet or exercise. This procedure removes fat cells that will not regenerate, unlike traditional weight loss that only shrinks fat cells. While you can still gain weight, those same fat cells will not be available to store fat. This can help reshape your body, changing where you store the most fat in the future. Liposuction is also beneficial in targeting specific areas without losing fat from other areas you want to keep curvy, like the breasts or buttocks, which can occur with general weight loss.

Liposuction can be a game-changer to help you look your best and feel confident in your appearance. If you are considering liposuction to reshape your body or face, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We can schedule your personal liposuction consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss the different methods we offer. Call our office in Miami to schedule your appointment.