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Appearance has a crucial impact on self-confidence, especially in children. When a child has an injury or congenital issue that causes a facial deformity, it can affect their self-confidence. While most cosmetic surgery is reserved for adults, some plastic surgery can be performed on children to address facial deformities. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Charafeddine, offers pediatric facial plastic surgery at our medical facility in Miami.

Children are susceptible to teasing and bullying from their peers due to differences in their appearance. While it may be unfair, it is easier for children who look more like other children their age. Kids who have protruding ears, dark facial birthmarks or disfiguring facial scars can be self-conscious of their appearance. Pediatric facial plastic surgery can be a solution to help them feel more confident in their appearance, lessening their burden as they grow up.

Facial Plastic Surgery for Kids

Deciding to have plastic surgery on a child is a big decision. Parents who are considering this monumental choice want to ensure their child is in the right hands if they decide to undergo birthmark or scar removal, otoplasty for large ears or cleft lip repair. Dr. Ali Charafeddine trained with some of the best plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the country at both the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics. His experience and expertise can be trusted to create natural, beautiful results for your child’s facial plastic surgery procedure.

If you are considering pediatric facial plastic surgery for your child, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute to learn more about your options. We can schedule an informative consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss your child’s case and possible plastic surgery procedure. Call our office in Miami to schedule your appointment.