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Thicker, red skin is the main symptom of rosacea. One of the complications of rosacea is rhinophyma, which is an overproduction of oil glands on the nose, resulting in thick, bumpy skin on the nose. Rhinophyma can cause a disfiguring of the nose that can impact appearance and self-confidence. Our med spa services at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offer effective rhinophyma treatment to remove thick skin and reshape the nose at our clinic in Miami.

Rhinophyma is an unfortunate side effect of rosacea. The hypotrophy of sebaceous oil glands can create thick skin and lumps on the nose that become worse over time. In severe cases, the nose can become very large and bulbous, with red, bumpy skin. Treatment involves removing the thickened skin with either laser treatments or cosmetic surgery to restore the appearance of the nose.

Rhinophyma Laser Treatment

In mild to moderate cases of rhinophyma, laser resurfacing can be used to remove the bumpy, red skin. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that is very effective at treating both rosacea and rhinophyma, restoring healthier, smoother skin. Laser treatments require little to no downtime after the procedure. The layers of skin flake away, revealing new, smoother skin on the nose.

Rhinophyma Cosmetic Surgery

For severe rhinophyma, cosmetic surgery may be required to remove the thickened skin and reshape the nose. Unlike rhinoplasty, rhinophyma surgery does not change the original shape of the nose structure but restores the natural shape by removing the excess skin that causes the larger, lumpy appearance.

If you have a deformed nose due to rhinophyma, treatment is available to reshape your nose and improve the appearance. To learn more about laser treatment or cosmetic surgery for rhinophyma, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule an appointment at our clinic in Miami.