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When the base of the nose is too wide or the nostrils are too large, it can impact the aesthetic balance of the nose. Wide noses or large nostrils can be distracting and cause facial imbalance. If you want to reshape your nose for smaller nostrils or a slimmer alar base, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We offer nostril reduction surgery at our medical facility in Miami.

When the nostrils are larger or the nose base is wider, the entire nose may seem out of place. The rest of the nose can be the right size and shape, but the larger nostrils seem out of proportion. Nostril reduction surgery is one of the most commonly requested forms of rhinoplasty. By decreasing the size of the nostrils or moving them closer together, the nose can become more balanced to achieve facial harmony.

Alar Base Reduction

When the alar base and nostrils are too wide, it is distracting. Alar base, or nostril, reduction can alter the shape of the nose, bringing the bottom sides of the nose closer together. This procedure can be completed through small incisions at the crease of the alar base to access the cartilage and nostrils. The nostrils can be resized and reshaped, creating the desired effect.

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of training and experience achieving natural, beautiful results through rhinoplasty. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose due to a wide alar base or large nostrils, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. Our staff will schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Charafeddine at our office in Miami to determine if nostril reduction surgery is right for you.