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The internal and external nasal valves are crucial for maintaining open nasal passages. When the nasal valves are damaged or ineffective, the nasal passages can collapse, impacting breathing, sinus health and nose appearance. Dr. Ali Charafeddine at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers nasal valve repair surgery to open collapsed nasal passages and restore a balanced nose appearance at our medical center in Miami.

Nasal valve collapse can be caused by a variety of issues. Some individuals are born with congenital defects to their nasal valves, resulting in ongoing breathing, snoring and sinus health issues. More commonly, the nasal valves are damaged or deteriorate over time. Trauma to the nose can damage the nasal valves. Damaged nasal cartilage and valves can be a complication of rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. Even aging can lead to degenerative issues that cause nasal valve closure. Whatever the cause, collapsed nasal valves can result in a misshapen nose that does not function correctly.

Collapsed Nasal Passage Repair

Repairing collapsed nasal passages can provide permanent relief from breathing and sinus issues, as well as snoring and nose deformity. Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon who trained at elite medical institutions and has the expertise required to repair both functional and form concerns of collapsed nasal passages. Dr. Charafeddine can restore open nasal airways with nasal valve repair surgery. Rhinoplasty, or a revision nose job, can be performed at the same time to reshape your nose if desired.

If you have nasal valve collapse and want a permanent solution for relief, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami today to book your appointment. Our team can reschedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss nasal valve repair and nose reshaping.