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The nasal bone is very short, only extending an inch or so from the skull, but it is vulnerable to fracture from facial trauma. A broken nose is a common injury, fracturing the nasal bone and damaging the septum, or nasal cartilage. While many broken noses can heal without surgery, if the septum is displaced or the fracture is severe, nose surgery may be necessary. Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers nasal fracture repair plastic surgery at our medical facility in Miami.

A blow to the nose can easily fracture the nasal bone or septum. Broken noses are common in contact sports like football and boxing, but can also occur from vehicle accidents, violent altercations and other facial trauma. In many cases, the nose can be taped or splinted to allow the bone and septum to heal, if the damage is not too severe. When surgery is needed, it is important to ensure the nose fracture repair restores both function and appearance, which requires plastic surgery.

Broken Nose Repair and Rhinoplasty

Repairing a fractured nose and reshaping the nose are two different procedures, but they can be performed together. Simply repairing the nasal bone fracture or fixing a damaged septum with septoplasty does not necessarily restore the aesthetics of the nose. Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon that can perform nasal fracture repair surgery with or without rhinoplasty to reshape the nose.

A broken nose can be repaired immediately after the trauma to restore the shape and function. In some cases, a fractured nose is allowed to heal without surgery, resulting in a crooked nose or deviated septum. Dr. Charafeddine at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute can perform rhinoplasty to fix the results of a poorly repaired broken nose, restoring a straight, beautiful nose. If you have a fractured nose that needs surgical repair or reshaping, contact us at our clinic in Miami.