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If you would like to increase the size of your breasts or improve their shape, fat transfer breast augmentation may be the best procedure for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation is an alternative to breast implants, giving you the results you seek more naturally.

Natural Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer

Fat transfer breast augmentation harvests fat from a donor region on your body via liposuction. This donor region is usually on your abdomen, back or thighs. The fat is removed and then purified to protect against infection. The purified fat is then injected into your breast area to achieve the desired shape and size. Since your own fat is used, the look and feel of the breast augmentation is more natural. This procedure is not recommended for those who want to add a large volume to the breast area and is instead recommended for those who want to add volume and keep a more natural appearance.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Implants

There are several benefits to breast augmentation through fat transfer over breast implants:

  • Breast implants will need to be replaced after a period of time, typically 10 to 20 years after the initial procedure. The fat transfer procedure is permanent and will not require this type of revision.
  • Complications such as capsular contracture, rippling or rupture are possible with breast implants. These complications are not present with fat transfer.
  • For patients with small frames, it can be difficult to achieve a natural look through the use of breast implants. Fat transfer offers natural-looking results for all body shapes and sizes.
  • Depending on the size of breast implants, the recovery time can take up to six weeks and can include swelling, bruising and other types of discomfort. Bruising and swelling after fat transfer usually subsides after one to three weeks.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure and Aftercare

If you decide to undergo natural breast enlargement with fat transfer, you can expect to be placed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes between one to three hours, which includes harvesting the fat from the donor region and injecting it into your breast area. You will be sent home to recover, and over-the-counter pain medications can help alleviate any pain or discomfort you may experience.

You will be advised to avoid driving, exercise and other strenuous activity immediately following surgery. It is a good idea to take a week or two off from work to give your body time to recover fully. You should be able to resume driving after two weeks and the rest of your activities, including exercise, after six weeks.

Natural Breast Augmentation at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Ali Charafeddine and the Eden Plastic Surgery Institute team are dedicated to providing natural breast augmentation through fat transfer with the care you deserve. Dr. Charafeddine is a board-certified plastic surgeon who will get to know you and listen to your concerns. Eden Plastic Surgery Institute wants to give you the results you desire and help you feel more confident in your body. If you reside in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, Eden Plastic Surgery Institute would love to get to know you and help you realize your body-shaping goals with natural-looking results.

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