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The skin loses elasticity with age, becoming less firm. Lower levels of collagen and elastin contribute to looser skin and wrinkles, as well as sun damage and other factors. When you notice your skin is becoming less firm and wrinkles are beginning to form on your face, skin tightening may be the solution. Our aesthetic team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers facial skin tightening as one of the med spa treatments at our clinic in Miami.

What is Skin Tightening?

As the skin produces less collagen and elastin as you get older, the skin becomes thinner and loses its firmness. The cheeks, under the chin and around the jaw/mouth are some of the first places to show a slight sagging. While excessive loose skin and jowling requires cosmetic surgery like a facelift to resolve, in the early stages, facial skin tightening can improve the firmness of the skin.

Skin tightening treatments are performed using heat energy to target the deeper levels of the skin. This thermal energy treatment can use radiofrequency or ultrasound heat to reach the cells in the dermis, triggering a healing response. The minimally-invasive treatment is not painful and does not require downtime, but it can help significantly improve collagen levels and skin firmness. Multiple treatments over a few months are usually recommended for the best results.

Facial skin tightening can create firmer cheeks, define the jawline and rejuvenate neck and chest skin. Skin tightening treatments are perfect for smoothing lines and restoring a more youthful appearance. The skin becomes more elastic and resilient with increased collagen, slowing the aging process. If you are noticing the first signs of sagging skin, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We offer a wide variety of anti-aging and med spa treatments, including facial skin tightening, at our medical center in Miami.