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The ears are positioned in a precarious position and are prone to injuries. Trauma to the head can result in torn or damaged ear cartilage. In severe injuries, part or all of the outer ear can be removed or damaged. When an ear has been severely damaged, it may require ear reconstructive plastic surgery to restore the form and function. Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers ear trauma surgery performed by Dr. Ali Charafeddine at our medical center in Miami.

The outer ear is made from cartilage, fat, skin and other flexible tissue. While flexible, it is also vulnerable to damage from trauma. Burns, lacerations, tears and other injuries can remove ear tissue or mutilate the shape. Some victims of head trauma may have most or all of the outer ear removed. Not only does this impact their appearance, but it can also make it difficult to wear accessories, like glasses and hearing aids, that require an outer ear. Ear trauma surgery can repair or reconstruct the ear for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Ear Reconstruction and Repair

Reshaping or reconstructing the ear requires extensive surgical and artistic skills. Ears can be repaired or reconstructed using donor cartilage which can be harvested from the patient or a cadaver. There are also prosthetic ears that can be surgically attached for those who have lost their entire ear, creating a new, natural-appearing replacement.

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon who trained at some of the most prestigious medical centers in the country, including the Mayo Clinic. He has the experience and expertise to perform complex and intricate ear trauma or reconstructive surgery, creating functional, beautiful results.

If one or both of your ears have been damaged, cosmetic ear trauma surgery can restore an aesthetically-balanced and functional ear shape. To learn more about our ear trauma repair and reconstruction options, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami.