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When cesarean delivery is used for childbirth, the C-section scar left behind is often not a welcomed souvenir of the experience. The scar from a C-section delivery can be above the bikini line, making it difficult to hide when wearing certain apparel. Others may be raised or wide, becoming uncomfortable or noticeable through clothing. There are a few different treatments that can hide or remove a C-section scar for a more attractive abdomen. Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offers C-section scar removal options at our medical center in Miami.

Many C-section scars heal well, and the scar is barely visible. Unfortunately, each woman heals differently from her C-section, and some may be left with a raised, indented, wide or high scar that changes the appearance of the tummy. If you have a C-section scar that you only want diminished or faded, laser skin treatments and other skin therapies may be non-invasive options for C-section scar removal. To hide or move a C-section scar, plastic surgery may be required.

C-Section Scar Revision Surgery

There are two surgical options for C-section scar revision. If the woman has excess skin or fat and wants to hide her C-section scar, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be the best option. Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Charafeddine, can perform a tummy tuck to tighten and flatten the stomach while moving the C-section scar below the bikini line. If only the scar needs revision, a less invasive surgery can be performed under local anesthesia to move or hide the scar without a tummy tuck.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your C-section scar, removal or revision are possible. Contact our team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule a C-section scar removal consultation with Dr. Charafeddine at our clinic in Miami.