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Breast implants have been vastly improved in safety and appearance in the last two decades. Problems with early silicone breast implants have been rectified, and the implants used today have very few health risks. However, there are some patients that experience health symptoms after breast augmentation with implants, referred to as breast implant illness. At Eden Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer breast implant illness treatment at our medical clinic in Miami.

Signs and Symptoms of BII

While the majority of women with breast implants have not had complications after their decision to undergo breast augmentation, a small number of patients have had health issues. Breast implant illness, or BII, is not a specific disease but a combination of symptoms that have been reported after breast implant surgery. While the exact cause is not known, it is believed that some women experience an inflammatory response to the implants, which can have symptoms similar to an autoimmune disease. Symptoms can include:

  • Muscle aches, pain and weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain and shortness of breath
  • Mental clarity and memory issues
  • Ear ringing and vertigo
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Skin rashes and hair loss
  • Hormonal imbalances and menstrual changes
  • Breast pain, redness and changes
  • Insomnia, digestive disorders

The symptoms are wide-spread and do not only impact the breast area. Since there are other possible causes of the same symptoms, BII is often diagnosed as another disorder or illness.

Women with breast implants who have ongoing symptoms should see their doctor or a qualified breast surgeon. Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a breast augmentation specialist who can offer breast implant illness treatment, including removal of breast implants, at our clinic in Miami. If you have symptoms of BII, contact our practice to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Charafeddine.