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If you are considering a facelift to tighten your jowls, jawline and lower face, you care about looking your best as you get older. A facelift can help you look five, ten or more years younger, but it does not address your entire face. Facelifts are designed to remove stretched and excess skin in the jowl area, but it does not rejuvenate the upper cheeks, eyes, brow or neck. Why not pair another lift procedure with your facelift to achieve a balanced, more youthful facial appearance? Here are four possible procedures that can be completed with your facelift.

1. Neck Lifts
Facelifts will help tighten the jawline, chin and top of the neck, but it will not smooth lines and excess skin on the body of the neck. Some people have a facelift yet have the beginnings of a turkey neck below their rejuvenated face that gives away their age. A neck lift can ensure your entire lower face and neck look years younger for a balanced appearance.
2. Cheek Lifts
It is normal for cheeks to lose volume with age and for the buccal fat pads to droop lower in the cheeks. While the lower cheeks and jowls are lifted with a facelift, the upper cheeks are not raised or augmented. A cheek lift or augmentation can reshape the upper cheeks to give the midface youthful contours and minimize hollows/bags under the eyes.
3. Brow Lift
The brow is a common area for deep lines and sagging skin. Men especially can have deep furrow lines that make them look like grumpy old men. A brow lift smooths and elevates the forehead, complimenting the facelift that tightens the lower face.
4. Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Both the upper and lower eyelids are an area of concern with aging. If you have droopy upper eyelids with excess skin or big bags under your eyes, a facelift will accentuate these areas. Many people pair an upper, lower or total blepharoplasty with their facelift to give them youthful skin and tissue around both the mouth and eyes.

Pairing an additional lift procedure with your facelift has benefits. The results will blend better for a more balanced, youthful appearance with only one recovery period needed. To explore the various procedures that can be performed with your facelift, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute. We can schedule a facelift consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss the various anti-aging procedures that can be used to help you look more like your younger self.

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