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A misshapen or unbalanced nose can affect your appearance. While appearance is important to self-confidence at any age, teenagers and adolescents are especially concerned about the way they look. While most plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes is performed on adults, rhinoplasty is one of the few that is often completed during the teen years. Dr. Ali Charafeddine and our team at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute offer teen rhinoplasty for young people that can benefit from nose reshaping.

Dr. Ali Charafeddine is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and training in complex cosmetic surgery procedures. His background of training with top surgeons in his field at The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic contributed to his success as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Charafeddine uses his skills to reshape and resize the nose to create a balanced and blended appearance in his patients, including adolescent and teen rhinoplasty.

Adolescent Nose Job Surgery

The nose job is one of the most requested facial cosmetic surgeries due to the impact it can have on the overall facial appearance. For adolescents and teens, this procedure can help them feel more confident, preparing them for success as adults. However, rhinoplasty should not be completed until the young person is both physically and emotionally prepared for the procedures. The nose should be completely formed, and the teen should understand the limits of what changing the nose shape can do for their appearance. For girls, most must be 14-15 before they are ready for a nose job, while boys may need to be 15-16.

Deciding to have plastic surgery is an important decision at any age. If you are a teen considering rhinoplasty or the parent of a teen wanting a nose job, contact us at Eden Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Charafeddine to discuss if teen rhinoplasty is right for your circumstance.